Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cool FREE IPad App: Pretty Planner

So I wanted to share a FREE app that I really enjoy and use every day! It is called Pretty Planner which is a big calendar where you can write your to-do lists! It is super easy to use and it makes it easy to view all your notes and tasks you need to get done for that day and also see what you have to do within that month. For example today I have 3 catagories, 2 Cute, IPad and Other Stuff to do. These categories show up right on the calendar under today's date. Then to the left you can tap on a category and then right beneath it you can see your list! It is so cool! I alway use a planner or assignment notebook to write my lists and such! So this is right up my alley and now I only need 1 Notebook/planner the IPad.

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